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Years From Now This Will Have Been A Perfect Day

2015, C-print, 12" x 18", Signed edition of 10, for Superframe's Portrait and Landscape Editions, Launched at Art Toronto, 2015.

With a nod to the sample boards framers often use to demonstrate different types of glass, this photograph has been covered with both regular and UV-filtering plexi. The road and foreground section will be protected from fading, while the cloudy area of the image has been left vulnerable to UV rays. Over the course of decades, the clouds will fade, the sky will lighten and the mood of the image will shift from ominous to serene; a happy but inaccurate record. 

Above: detail, cut line showing two plexi types.

Documentation photo credit: Toni Hafkenscheid

Grateful acknowledgements: Mitch Robertson, Emily Fitzpatrick, Jason Deary

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