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Rubbing of a Drawing by Sol LeWitt
2017, charcoal on Arnhem 1618 paper, 15”x15”, 17”x17” framed, varied edition of 5 +2AP

Part of a series that employs the printmaking technique of frottage (charcoal rubbing) to original drawings by seminal artists. Generally done on relief surfaces like plaques or gravestones in order to record three dimensional details, it is used here with absurd results, revealing little but the edges of the 2d paper. The result is something of an “Erased De Kooning” act of eradication; all the nuances and variation in the mark-making are a result of the artist's own hand. It is simultaneously both an act of negation/redaction and an expression of deep reverence.

The series currently includes rubbings of original works by:
Josef Albers, Carl Andre, Christo, Hanne Darboven, Dan Flavin, Ann Hamilton, Sol LeWitt, Jean Tinguely, Lawrence Weiner.

Grateful acknowledgements: Annie Koyama, Micah Lexier, Sarah Robayo Sheridan, Chris Kennedy, Alex Bowron, Michael Davey, Superframe, the Ontario Arts Council

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