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A Rest

Poses borrowed from depression-era dance marathon contestants are held with increasing difficulty. Without a partner to lean on, the poses become an urgent sort of endurance feat for a solo dancer. Stances that are restful when buttressed by a partner become unsustainable stress positions that cause the solitary body to strain and finally collapse. This is a dance comprised of involuntary movements, charting the forfeiture of control as fatigue wins out over the performer's skill and training.

Choreographed as a solo performed by James Phillips originally commissioned as part of Singular Bodies, Toronto Dance Theatre, April 2016.
Presented as a single channel video projection in the exhibition Figures of Sleep, curated by Sarah Robayo Sheridan, Art Museum, University of Toronto, January 2018, cinematography: Lee Henderson.

Thank you to James Phillips; Christopher House, Toronto Dance Theatre Artistic Director;
Lighting Designer: Simon Rossiter
Rehearsal Direction: Rosemary James
Production Stage Manager/Costumer: Cheryl Lalonde
Stage Manager/Metcalf Foundation Intern: Kaitlin Cheel

Singular Bodies Guest Artists:
Stephen Andrews, Nadia Belerique, Diane Borsato, Chris Curreri, Marisa Hoicka, Johanna Householder, Jean-Paul Kelly, Bridget Moser, Jon Sasaki, Walter Scott, Jim Verburg.

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