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Bouncy Highrise
2015, performance for Villa Toronto, at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto.

Bouncy Highrise will be a one-hour performance event in which a small crew of installers will attempt to erect a monumental sculpture using five inflatable bouncy castles stacked one on top of the other. The structures may not necessarily stack tidily together however, and may prove to be a sisyphean challenge as the tower leans, buckles, deflates, twists or tumbles. We cannot predict what will happen, but it will be up to the performers to react in the moment with quick problem solving, improvised engineering and teamwork. The audience will be invited to watch from a safe barricaded vantage point, as the 35 foot tall highrise is constructed.

The performance will take place in the courtyard of MOCCA, a site currently slated for condominium redevelopment, mimicking the sort of highrise tower that has sprung up overnight and ultimately redefined the character of the Queen West neighbourhood. Bouncy Highrise tackles the seriousness of Toronto's recent exponential increase in urban density while maintaining a tone of levity and playfulness.

Bouncy Highrise was presented as part of Villa Toronto, a contemporary art event that brought together local and international galleries in Toronto, January 16-23, 2015. Presented in conjunction with MOCCA and Jessica Bradley Gallery. Thanks to crew members: Liam Callahan, Jennifer Davis, Derek Liddington, Meghan McKnight, MOCCA, Stu Monck, Andrzej Tarasiuk, Raster. Grateful acknowledgements to project supporters Kaye Beeston, Jessica Bradley, Popsy Johnstone, and Jeannie Parkin.

Update: September 26, 2015

Bouncy Highrise was included in the first Edmonton Nuit Blanche, September 2015, Curated by Dave Dyment. Co-presented by the Art Gallery of Alberta, the crew worked for nine hours attempting to complete a seven-storey freestanding highrise outside the gallery.
Thanks to Nuit Blanche Edmonton, Dave Dyment, The AGA, Catherine Crowston, Crew members: Sherisse Burke, Sara McKarney, Dani Rice, Laura Ritchie, Clint Wilson, Spyder Yardley-Jones, and project supporter Langham Developments Ltd.

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