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Rightsized Limo

A day-long performance at the MOCAD (Detroit, MI), November 15, 2015, in conjunction with Canadian Residency, a Knight Arts Challenge-funded project

Detroit is often put forward as the textbook example of a North American shrinking city. In Rightsized Limo, a small crew attempted to graft the sort of contraction that city planners discuss onto a stretched limousine, excising the middle section and welding the front and back together again to approximate its original sedan form. Through this streamlining process, an oversized, inefficient car was made more agile, but at the expense of a large section that will no longer be along for the ride so to speak. The performance memorialized what was sacrificed, setting aside and elevating the immobilized shell. At the same time the untethered section contained the possibility of being repurposed, charged with a new kind of potential of its own.

The process itself was fraught with problems that had to be addressed in the moment, collaboratively, resourcefully, creatively. The performance highlighted the make-do solutions that happen on the spot, especially when trying to overcome obstacles that accompany an absurd task. Crew members were figuratively and literally putting out fires throughout six hours of publically figuring out the process.

A free "New Car Scent" air freshener multiple was given away at the event, edition of 250, published by Peter Rozek/Canadian Residency.

Image credits: Jon Sasaki, Hernan Bas, Eric Broz, Alida van Almelo

Grateful acknowledgements to the crew members:
from Cranbrook Academy: Salman Afsari, Eric Broz, Alexander Russo, Wade Tullier and Alida van Almelo
and welders Ben Wolf and Zeph.

Sincere thanks to Canadian Residency, Peter Rozek; the MOCAD, Amy Corle, Zeb Smith, Elysia Borowy-Reeder, Greg Baise, Augusta Morrison, Bailey Scieszka; Cranbrook Academy, Anders Ruhwald; The Toronto Arts Council, Hernan Bas, Laurel Baker, Dave Dyment, Roula Partheniou, Sarah Rose Sharp, Deacon Taylor, Pastor Steve, Frank's Towing.

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