2022, public art commission for the City of Mississauga, Mavis Road bridge over Fletcher's Creek

Located at 43°37'35.7"N 79°42'55.2"W, the bridge over Fletcher's creek is part of the busy and fairly new thoroughfare that is Mavis Road.

Each of the four corners of the Mavis Bridge features a small grouping of bronze sculptural animals on the backsides of the walls, peeking into the “human world.” These are interpretations of fauna that are known to currently inhabit Fletcher’s Creek: an eastern painted turtle, a pileated  woodpecker, an eastern garter snake, a coyote pup, a white-footed mouse, a green frog, a spotted salamander, an eastern cottontail rabbit, a pair of bumblebees, a green darner dragonfly, a monarch butterfly, a juvenile beaver and a long-tailed weasel. Many of these sculptures were inspired by animals I personally encountered while exploring the Fletcher’s Creek trail system.

The piece has the tone of a fable; we can imagine these animals made the decision to clamber up to road level and are cautiously observing us with a little bit of apprehension and a great deal of curiosity.


Grateful acknowledgements to:

Philippa French, Curator of Public Art for the City of Mississauga, Rachel Pennington, Amber-Lynne Lammers

Marina Guglielmi and Tyler Balko, Maker Technical Sculpture Services, Lee Henderson, Aspect Structural Engineers, XRadar Concrete Scanning, Marty Rosen, Stellar Art Services, Procyon Wildlife, and Annie Koyama