We First Need A Boat For The Rising Tide To Lift Us
A three-hour long durational performance on Canada's 150th birthday, made in conjunction with a concurrent exhibition at the Varley Art Gallery, Markham ON.

Standing alone waist-deep in water and equipped with only rudimentary materials and tools, the artist attempted to build a functioning boat that would allow him to extricate himself from the pond and paddle to shore. As boatbuilding in the water presented far more challenges than boatbuilding on dry land, there was always a strong possibility the performance would end in failure. Channeling an absurd Romantic Hero who finds himself nearly engulfed by nature, the artist had to rely on his ability to problem-solve as complications arose, and improvise solutions in the moment.

Thanks to the Varley Art Gallery of Markham, Anik Glaude, Cheryl Rego, Niamh O'Laoghaire. Images courtesy of the Varley Art Gallery and Ryan Park.