Performance to Double the MOCCA's Visitor Figures

2014, ongoing throughout the exhibition "TBD" at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, September 6 - October 26, 2014.

The MoCCA, like most galleries, makes a very accurate count of the number of daily visitors who stop by, and these figures are subsequently reported by the museum to their various stakeholders.
As a service provided to the institution, I have pledged to singlehandedly double the attendance for this exhibition. For each "real" visitor that passes by the welcome desk and gets counted, I will also enter through the front door, pass by the desk, get counted and immediately exit out the side door. In the process I will not look at or think about any of the work in the exhibition, nor will I engage with any other visitors. The focus will be entirely on the metric of attendance figures, rather than any other less-quantifiable measure of visitor experience. My matching tally will be recorded on a separate clicker, displayed on the front desk. By literally "running in circles" for a number of hours each week, I will match the thousands of attendees for this show, eventually culminating in a figure that can be cited in the MoCCA's year-end reports.

Above and bottom images, photographer Mark Savoia.